Super Experience! NHK Cup Figure Skating | Immersive Experience with 3D Sound


Concept Proposal / Content Experience Design / Sound Production / 3D Sound Mixing



スケートリンクに埋められたマイクが記録していた「選手の滑走音」に着目し、今まで感じたことのないフィギアスケートの没入体験をデザイン。立体音響技術を活かした企画 / サウンドプロデュース・サウンドエンジニアリングを手がけました。

Process 1. Unearthing Ideas from the Theme of the Project Proposal

At the ‘Super Experience Festival,’ the theme revolved around envisioning the future of television (digital) through the integration of broadcast, digital, and real-world experiences. It served as a new initiative for public media, embracing the latest technologies and presentation methods.

As part of the team responsible for the figure skating experience booth at the ‘Super Experience Festival,’ Lada explored the possibility of providing visitors with a completely different sensory experience of athletes’ performances, which they usually watch on television. The focus shifted towards the often unheard element – the sound of the athletes’ skating, offering a unique perspective not commonly accessible.

Process 2. Focusing on NHK's archive audio sources

Focusing on various footage from NHK’s archive and the audio data recorded from over 100 microphones placed throughout the venue during the NHK Cup Figure Skating, we honed in on the immersive skating sounds captured by microphones embedded beneath the ice.

We obtained audio data of Shoma Uno’s performance captured by various microphones, and leveraging LADER’s expertise in spatial audio technology (360 Reality Audio), we reconstructed the skating sounds into a 360° sound experience for headphones.

This ‘sonic super experience’ allows users to feel as if they are standing at the center of the skating rink, surrounded by the applause and cheers raining down from the stands, and the sound of ice being shaved recorded by countless microphones embedded in the rink. It provides a lifelike experience as if Shoma Uno is skillfully gliding in all directions around them.

Process 3. 360 Reality Audio - Sanrokumaru

360 Reality Audio is a new music experience utilizing Sony’s object-based 360 spatial audio technology. It adds positional information to each individual source in a musical composition, such as vocals, chorus, and instruments, placing them within a spherical space. This provides an immersive, three-dimensional sound field, allowing listeners to experience a sense of being surrounded by the live performance of the artist.

Lada actively collaborates with Yamaoka Maru, known for handling the mixing and recording of ‘360 Reality Audio’ compatible audio sources. Together, they work on experiential content, live video streaming with spatial audio, and actively engage in collaborations with music labels, creators, and clients.