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IG Stock Music|Stock prices become music. Experience design for people interested in stocks and investments


Planning concept proposal / Content experience design / Sound production / Sound design / Artist curation


IG Stock Music” is a service that provides a completely new music experience based on stock prices, AI, and artists for the approximately 7,000 U.S. and European stocks handled by IG Securities. Lada produced the planning, experience design, and sound production related to the music.

Process 1. Design for the ideal user experience

The goal of this project was to create an intuitive interest in investing, which is often seen as difficult and difficult for the younger generation to grasp.

However, we went through a series of trial and error to design an “ideal user experience” that would be enjoyable not only once, but over and over again, and that would naturally get people interested in stocks.

Simply “creating music automatically generated according to stock prices” would not be enough to encourage the young target audience to enjoy the music repeatedly or to develop an interest in stock prices.


1. to create an automatic generation system that can express patterns, rises and falls of stock prices as musical genres and emotions in a variable manner.

2. curate artists who are experts in their respective genres and invite them to participate as players in the music production process

By combining these two approaches, we designed a user experience that encourages interest in stocks and investments while enjoying a natural music playlist by creating an automatic generation mechanism and producing sound with a high quality of each music genre.

Process 2. How to sound the stock price?

After researching appropriate data for expressing stock prices in music and actually producing a number of demo sound files, we decided to utilize the data of “candlesticks” and “chart patterns”.

Since price movements and patterns have the role of predicting the subsequent rise and fall of stock prices, we linked the rise and fall of stock prices calculated from these data values to musical genres, the rise and fall within a song, and the vigor of the introduction, and conducted verification experiments and designed a mechanism for real-time music generation.

Process 3. Generative musical design

How to generate music in the system designed to link stock prices and music was also a recurring issue and experiment.

A system that simply generates music automatically would not achieve the objectives of the project. The sounds played back must sizzle and groove as music, and have a sense of culture.

Therefore, we broke down a piece of music into its smallest possible parts, recorded each measure and each instrument, designed the music to be musically viable no matter which material was combined, and recorded and produced several hundred types of sound data, which were then incorporated into the system.

Process 4. Artist curation

In keeping with the goal of familiarizing the younger generation with stocks and investments, musicians who perform the generated music are indie musicians who are supported mainly by the millennial generation.

The music was generated organically by combining the elaborate design of the music algorithm with performances and beat-making that take advantage of the artists’ sensitivities and personalities.

Selected Artists

Process 5. PR

Participating artists are also invited to participate in post-release PR, spreading information mainly through SNS.

IG Stock Beats is a new program launched to commemorate the launch of IG Stock Music service. It is a music program featuring Mr. Hama Okamoto as the main personality, and each time he and his wonderful guests will introduce investment through music. In the program, Mr. Hama Okamoto and guests will cross-talk, and the world’s first AI x artist will introduce songs created from stock prices.