bala has released their 3rd Single “Tokyo Survivor,” produced by Hidefumi Kenmochi.


The Tokyo-based collective bala, consisting of female artists and creators, released their digital single “Tokyo Survivor” on November 22nd.

The third single, “Tokyo Survivor,” was produced by Hidefumi Kenmochi, known for his work as a member of “Wednesday Campanella” and his contributions to various artists. The lyrics, packed with information about various spots in Tokyo, depict the chaotic survival of their youth in a cyberpunk-like urban landscape. Riding on emotional and provocative dance beats, the song evolves into a pop tune that fully embraces Kenmochi Hidefumi’s distinctive style, elevating the energy to new heights.

In this latest release, alongside Manon, Sunny Only 1, and Kano, who have been performing as the front members, the addition of the singer Merry is credited. Her presence is noteworthy, having previously drawn attention in the bala community with her unique background as a Half-African × Cyber Gal.

Furthermore, the music video, set to be released at the same time as the single at 8:00 PM, features the collaborative efforts of their generation, with 0CM (Candice Mana Ono) and Hana Watanabe serving as producer and director. The video represents a convergence of the creative collective, bala’s girls’ network.

bala 3rd Single - "Tokyo Survivor"

Release Date: November 22, 2023 (Wednesday)