The Shinichi Osawa self-remix of bala’s 1st Single ‘barla’ has been released.


The self-remix version of bala’s debut song “barla,” produced by Shinichi Osawa, has been released.

Following the collaboration version featuring bilingual rapper BBY NABE, who was featured in “barla,” this released version maintains the original filter house concept while evolving into a funky and provocative dance track with a loop-centric structure. Co-written with Hidefumi Kenmochi, the refrains of the lyrics add exceptional addictive qualities to this floor-banging anthem. It showcases Shinichi Osawa’s prowess in creating cutting-edge tracks consistently embraced by the club scene.

This month also sees solo releases from bala’s permanent members, Manon and Sunny Only 1. Furthermore, on May 30th, bala’s self-produced event “bala take me with you bala × Komorebi” will take place at Ebisu Batica. The goal is to further expand the boundaries of their world.

Bala Digital Single 'barla SHINICHI OSAWA REMIX'

Release Date: May 17, 2023 (Wednesday)