Daynim’s 「In Your Bad Day, EP」 Released on 7-inch Vinyl


Analog vinyl release from TYP!CAL, a 7-inch specialty label known for introducing cutting-edge indie artists and facilitating collaborations with Japanese artists. This time, they present a new release from the Bangkok-based band daynim, a mutant alternative R&B band born from the genes of Tyler, The Creator, and The Internet.

Consisting of a singer, songwriter, producer, and dreamer, daynim is a four-member band formed in a university music circle. They effortlessly traverse R&B, bedroom pop, and hip-hop, showcasing a refined sense of style in Thailand’s indie scene.

The 7-inch vinyl features popular tracks from their early career, both released in 2020. The A-side, “In Your Bad Day, PT.1,” is a laid-back R&B number with PLANG, the sole female member, taking on the main vocals. On the B-side, “In Your Bad Day, PT.2” is a colorful lo-fi soul-pop tune that exudes a vibrant and playful atmosphere. Influenced by US West Coast hip-hop and indie, yet resonating with the vibe of 90s Japanese rap and Shibuya-kei, this record presents a blend of genres with a cheerful and faux sense.

daynim - 「In Your Bad Day」

Label: TYP!CAL
Cat No: TYPI011
7inch STEREO 45rpm

A. In Your Bad Day, PT.1
B. In Your Bad Day, PT.2