Hush Moss’s 「It Takes A Lot」 Released on 7-inch Vinyl


Hush Moss, the indie soul sensation known for their pop melodies, falsetto vocals inspired by Bee Gees, and groovy Funkadelic-influenced sound, has delighted indie soul enthusiasts. This new 7-inch release features early career hits.

Hush Moss, the young blue-eyed soul project that gained acclaim with their debut single “Clear,” is spearheaded by Eden Mechulam, an Israeli musician based in Berlin, Germany. This 7-inch release marks the first single cut from their debut album released in 2016. The tracks include the lo-fi bedroom funk “It Takes A Lot,” which also served as the title track for the album, and the mellow, smooth disco-pop “Slowly Disappear.” Both songs showcase refreshing songwriting with the youthful energy of early inspirations.

These evergreen numbers are imbued with a sense of melancholic disco-pop and the laid-back vibes of early impulses. Fans of Steve Lacy and Benny Sings are encouraged to check it out. The cover art and postcard photos are provided by Alice Phoebe Lou, a close friend who has supported the band on tours. DL code included.

Hush Moss - 「It Takes A Lot」

Label: TYP!CAL
Cat No: TYPI012
7inch STEREO 45rpm

A. It Takes A Lot
B. Slowly Disappear