Karl X Johan’s 「Flames」 Released on 7-inch Vinyl


TYP!CAL has unearthed and analogized a cult indie dance masterpiece from Sweden! The genius of Swedish pop, Kalle J, and Johan Tuvesson, presents two neo-acoustic house anthems featuring Morricone and Burt Bacharach samples.

Karl X Johan, formed in Stockholm by singer-songwriter Kalle Jönson, currently active under the name Kalle J, and Johan Tuvesson, also known for his work with the band Nicolas Makelberge, is a hidden gem of the 2010s Swedish indie scene, despite never releasing an album and going on hiatus.

Their debut song “Flames,” released in 2010, particularly stands out, featuring flowing strings sampled from Morricone’s theme for the movie “The Untouchables,” combined with dance beats and romantic, lyrical songwriting reminiscent of 80s pop. The song received high praise locally, winning the Best Video Award at the 2011 Swedish Grammy Awards, becoming an anthemic and iconic track in their career. Responding to TYP!CAL’s offer, the song is now released physically and on vinyl after over 10 years.

On the B-side, there is “Vingslag,” a track from 2007, created by the duo just after meeting and before the formation of Karl X Johan. This disco house number features dazzling strings borrowed from Burt Bacharach, delivering an irresistible charm that surpasses even the A-side, making it a killer tune for dance music enthusiasts. Originally self-released on a limited 7-inch, it has become scarce in the used market, making this coupling a delightful addition.

Karl X Johan - 「Flames」

Label: TYP!CAL
Cat No: TYPI007
STEREO 45rpm

A. Karl X Johan / Flames
B. Kalle J / Vingslag feat. Johan Tuvesson

Available 30 April 2021