ORDER of THINGS’s 「Mind Roaming / Sixth」Released on 7-inch Vinyl


Hiroshi Fujiwara and Kouki Okamoto’s collaboration, “ORDER of THINGS,” is getting a limited analog release!

Hiroshi Fujiwara, known not only as a musician but also as a leading figure in worldwide street culture, active in various fields of fashion, and Kouki Okamoto, celebrating the 10th anniversary as OKAMOTO’S in 2019 and expanding his activities as a solo artist, have teamed up for a collaboration named “ORDER of THINGS.” The first single from this collaboration, “Mind Roaming / Sixth,” is set to be released on vinyl by the Tokyo-based indie label, TYP!CAL.

The songs by ORDER of THINGS are a collaborative effort, with Hiroshi Fujiwara providing the basic chord progressions, and Kouki Okamoto adding his arrangements to complete the tracks. Regarding the lyrics, Okamoto primarily writes them, and after an “exchange diary-like interaction” with Hiroshi Fujiwara, they finalize the lyrics. The songs “Mind Roaming” and “Sixth,” released in March, evoke the glorious era of City Pop and Shibuya-kei with a Songwriting style, blending modern soft psychedelic pop moods. The result is a collection of floating pop songs that sound both nostalgic and fresh.

The analog release comes from the emerging label TYP!CAL, which introduces cutting-edge indie artists from around the world and plans collaborations like the Hiroshi Fujiwara remix for Thailand’s City Pop band ROCKETMAN. Hiroshi Fujiwara also handles the unique jacket artwork for the analog release.

ORDER of THINGS - 「Mind Roaming / Sixth」

Label: TYP!CAL
Cat No: TYPI010
7inch STEREO 45rpm

A. Mind Roaming
B. Sixth