POLY’s 「PRIDED」Released on 7-inch Vinyl


POLY, a promising female artist supported by TYP!CAL, releases her debut analog record! The record includes the groovy pop tunes “PRIDED” and “Midnight Bedroom,” blending 90s alternative style with modern sensibilities influenced by bedroom pop.

POLY, a project by Chihiro Yasuda, who has been well-received by indie fans since her debut, despite minimal promotion. She straightforwardly expresses her chill synth-disco pop and lo-fi R&B. This release, her first analog record, features two singles from 2021, with female producer Chocoholic arranging. These songs showcase the brilliant guitar sounds reminiscent of 90s alternative rock, fused with sweet and emotional synth sounds post-bedroom pop.

The A-side contains the anthemic masterpiece “PRIDED,” where sentimental moods and euphoric uplift blend seamlessly. On the B-side, “Midnight Bedroom” features glittering guitars, lyrics filled with anticipation for stepping into the future, and emotional melodies that pierce the heart. POLY handles the songwriting, composition, and jacket artwork herself. The release includes a download code.

Besides her music career, POLY has also gained popularity with an apparel brand of the same name, personally produced by Yasuda. With a strong following from female fans, ranging from millennials to the late teens of Generation Z, POLY has garnered enthusiastic support mainly through Instagram. In July, she officially announced joining the band Klang Ruler, with whom she shares a close relationship.


Label: TYP!CAL
Cat No: TYPI013
7inch STEREO 45rpm

B. Midnight Bedroom

Available 1 October 2021