Rocketman’s 「Orange Coffee」 Released on 7-inch Vinyl


The 9th release from the label features a collaboration between Japanese and Thai artists, with Hiroshi Fujiwara remixing a hit track from the Bangkok-based city pop band Rocketman in his exquisite UK street soul style.

This collaboration was made possible through TYP!CAL’s coordination, bringing together Rocketman, a rising four-member band from Bangkok supported by the indie label Rats, and Hiroshi Fujiwara, a charismatic figure known for his influence in street culture.

The A-side features the original version of “Orange Coffee,” a track selected by Hiroshi Fujiwara for a Spotify playlist last year. This HF-approved original version is a funk-pop number reminiscent of Prince, characterized by lively guitar cutting and sweet falsetto vocals. With a refreshing and groovy sound akin to artists like Benny Sings and Tahiti 80, it’s a killer tune that will appeal to city pop fans.

On the AA-side, “Orange Coffee (slumbers mix)” is a remix version by Hiroshi Fujiwara and his recent production partner, Shunsuke Watanabe. The remix lowers the BPM significantly, transforming the track into a piano-dub reminiscent of the groundbeat and trip-hop influences of the early ’90s, resonating with the resurgence of street soul popularity. With a beautiful dub sound reminiscent of Hiroshi Fujiwara’s iconic album “HIROSHI FUJIWARA in DUB CONFERENCE” (1995), this remix hints at becoming a new classic in 2021.

Both tracks are making their physical release debut, and the record includes a download code.

Rocketman - 「Orange Coffee」

Label: TYP!CAL
Cat No: TYPI009
7inch STEREO 45rpm

A. Orange Coffee
AA. Orange Coffee (slumbers mix)

Available  Late August 2021