Sound’s Deli’s 「Sound’s Deli」 Released on 7-inch Vinyl


The 4th release from TYP!CAL features the next-generation 5-member MC crew from Tokyo, Sound’s Deli, consisting of G-YARD, Gypsy Well, Kaleido, Moon Jam, and Tim Pepperoni. Known for their fresh approach that transcends the boundaries of trap and boom-bap, they possess a unique sense and solid rap skills, making them one of the brightest hopes in the diverse hip-hop scene, with expectations soaring in 2021. This marks their debut on analog format.

The A-side showcases their theme song, the standout track “Sound’s Deli.” The song is characterized by a laid-back track with ’70s mellow R&B and soul vibes produced by kosy. The lyrics interweave pure music appreciation and scenes from each member’s youth, creating a dazzling new classic in Japanese rap of the 2020s. On the B-side, the new track “Ya’ll Be Alright,” produced by the popular beatmaker DJ Scratch Nice, known for collaborations with Gradis Nice, is featured. With catchy party tunes and a chorus full of 90s New School flavor saying “Hey! Hoo!”, this track is also poised to become a crowd favorite.

The mix is handled by MET as MTHA2, often referred to as the crew’s “6th member.” The first pressing is on limited edition coke bottle green clear vinyl. The record comes with a download code.

Sound’s Deli - 「Sound’s Deli」

Label: TYP!CAL
Cat No: TYPI004
STEREO 45rpm

A. Sound’s Deli (Prod. kosy.)
B. Ya’ll Be Alright (Prod. DJ Scratch Nice)

Available 26 February 2021