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原田 亮Ryo Harada

CEO of “Lada Inc.” and Representative Director of Yamanokuchi Maru Co., Ltd. Mainly involved in producing and planning corporate spaces, advertisements, and content in the entertainment industry.


Worked in music media editing at Cabled Broad Networks (now USEN) and Tower Records, and was involved in service planning for the music distribution business Napster. Established Lada in 2014.


What I prioritize in proposals is an art and craft perspective that connects to the client’s business. Leveraging insights from experience in business, I propose branding and digital communication strategies. Specializing in planning spatial experiences and immersive content.

Representative work
  • Blue Cave 2018
  • IG Stock Music

From advertising to intellectual property IP,
realizing total solutions through
extensive music expertise in production.

中村 義響Gikyo Nakamura

Music producer. After managing the production department at the record shop JET SET, joined Lada in 2020. Engages in content curation and production leveraging extensive knowledge of a wide range of music and pop culture. Combining expertise in Lada’s strengths such as immersive sound and digital communication, aims to propose new experiences and values.


While producing advertising music, also involved in operating the in-house label “TYP!CAL”, which releases numerous international artists. Engaged in IP business with culturally sensitive branding for affiliated artists such as bala and MANON from Asobi System.

Representative work
  • IG Stock Music
  • IPSA Discover ME
  • Rohto Pharmaceutical:Youthful Abundance Collaboration Video | Web Movie”
  • Dubai Expo 2020 Japan Pavilion | Concept Movie
  • BMW:The Seven Art Museum|Audio & Visual Production

Producing the auditory experience of
space meticulously and boldly.

菊地 晴夏Haruka Kikuchi

Composer and music producer. After graduating from the National Music University, went to France and graduated as the top student from the film music composition department of the École Normale de Musique in Paris with unanimous approval from the jury. Also enrolled in the Electroacoustic Composition department of the Paris Conservatory to study electronic sound.


Specialized in producing sound installations in spatial environments, having been involved in advertising and media art projects. The aim of the work is to harness the power of sound, which returns to space, visuals, and the body, creating memories that cannot be expressed in words.

Representative work
  • BMW:The Seven Art Museum|Audio & Visual Production
  • Blue Cave 2018
  • Matsumoto Castle Laser Mapping 2021-2022
  • Dubai Expo 2020 Japan Pavilion | Concept Movie

Producing content that
resonates with Generation Z,
leveraging trend culture.

島田 舞Mai Shimada

Project Manager and Producer. Joined Lada after working in apparel press, SNS marketing, editing for the music web media “fnmnl”, and freelancing as a writer.


Regularly catching trends on platforms like TikTok, adept at planning and producing culturally rich content targeting Generation Z. Leveraging media experience, excels in projects related to street culture and hip-hop.

Representative work
  • Budwiser :BudX Uncovered Curated By VERDY|Cross Shinjuku Vision PR Movie
  • Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture:Ichinoseki Onsen Dog Howling Contest

Company Profile

Company Name
Lada Inc.
Gloria Minami Aoyama 101, 3-10-9 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo MAP PDF
TEL : +81-3-6804-3698
June 6, 2014 (founded September 1, 2012)
5 million yen
Ryo Harada
Kunihiko Chisaka
Business content
  • Planning and experience production business: Advertising, planning and production of brand content, space production
  • IP content business: IP content, artist production support, label business
  • Management business: Discovering and nurturing creators
group company
Sanrokumaru Co., Ltd.


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