Tokyo-based Next-Generation Creative Girls’ Collective “bala” Launches | Released 1st Single “barla”


Tokyo-based collective “bala,” consisting of girls’ artists and creators, has officially launched. On March 8, they released their debut single “barla.”

bala (pronounced “bara”) is a creative group comprising MANON, SUNNY ONLY 1, DAN, and KANO, each with a global background and diverse roots. The collective aims to resonate with various youth cultures globally while integrating Japanese pop culture embedded in their DNA, expressing this hybrid fusion on a global scale.

Their debut song “barla,” released on March 8, is produced by Shinichi Osawa, who has numerous hits under the name Mondo Grosso, and features lyrics co-written with Hidetfumi Kenmochi (Wednesday Campanella). In the midst of the revival of Y2K culture, the song quickly highlights the late 90s filter house sound, showing signs of a resurgence as the next music trend. It serves as a groovy dance tune befitting the theme song for these girls who are set to lead the next generation of pop culture.

Shinichi Osawa's Comment

It’s an honor to witness the beginning of bala with its extremely unique members. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity for a collaboration, especially with Kenmochi-san, fulfilling a long-cherished wish.

Kenmochi Hidefumi's Comment

To all members of bala, Mr. Shinichi Osawa, I am very happy to be a part of this unique and diverse collaboration. The song, filled with everyone’s energy that can only emerge in this moment, has become something truly special!

bala 1st Single - "barla"